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GOC Technologies Ltd is the UK distributor for QuikSoil® and QuikAir® products manufactured by GOC Technologies Worldwide in the USA, these include QuikSoil® 505 ,506, 2300 and 2900 and QuikAir® A900.

GOC Worldwide researches and develops bio-augmentation formulas for odour control, composting, waste treatment and bio-remediation. All QuikSoil® and QuikAir® series products are completely bio-degradable, non toxic and user friendly.

QuikSoil® 506 has been used in the treatment of more than 6 million tons of compost covering a wide range of feedstock’s and environmental conditions. The 506 composting system results in less materials handling, less fuel consumption, less greenhouse gas emissions, and again in reduced volatilization of odorous gases.


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    GOC produces a wide range of additional products including a complete line of topical contact deodorisers and air spray products.